Our purpose is to provide our customers with functional jewelry for the professional and recreational shooter.
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Welcome!!! Home of the Pew Life Patch!!

At 223-designs.com we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer functional jewelry for the recreational interests of our customers in California. Whether you are looking to shoot your AR-15 with any speed and control at all or to just look great, 223-designs.com can help. We offer the 223-designs bullet button thumb ring/defense ring!!  WE ARE NOW WORKING WITH ALEX & RYAN DESIGNS, LLC!!! thanks to them we can now offer the quick release ring for cheaper and in 23 different options!! they will also be sellin the 223-designs window breaker Rescue Rings shortly!! 

So shed the stress and the worry of everyday life go shoot some rounds with utmost speed and control, look great and enjoy a fantastic time!!  To order go to alexandryandesign.com!!!  Or check us out on Instagram @223_designs

Email address: robert.vanfleet@yahoo.com 

Facebook link:  two23designs@yahoo.com


Take a shot out of Cancer!!!

$5.00 of every silver or bronze ring sold from this site goes to Cancer Research 



223-design thumb ring available in many different precious metals!!

pricing starts at $19.99 and up to $100  plus shipping and handling anywhere plus tax. (Must get sized first.) 
Contact us for additional pricing for gold and platinum.
Shipping from Canyon Country CA. We offer tracking, Usps, next day and overnight shipping......

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custom designs and logos available!!